On 6 June 2023 the workshop “Current Issues of Milk and Dairy Production: New Legislation, Modern Methods of Laboratory Control and Importance of Introduction of Safety Management System” to raise awareness of specialists of dairy FBOs with a focus on micro-, small and medium enterprises was held on the request of Lviv Regional Military (State) Administration and in cooperation of the SSUFSCP Main Directorate in Lviv region.    

Yuriy Buchko, Deputy Head of Lviv Regional Military (State) Administration, and Yuriy Radelytskyi, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Agro-Industrial Complex, Entrepreneurship and Investments of Lviv Regional Council, joined the opening ceremony.

In his speech Rostyslav Voloshyn, First Deputy Head of the SSUFSCP Main Directorate in Lviv region, focused on state control of food enterprises and dairy producers by the competent authority.  

In her presentation Iryna Vysotska, QFTP Dairy Sector Component Coordinator, stressed the importance of implementation of the Raw Milk Control Program based on the Dairy Module.  

Marta Kvas, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine of the Bacteriological Department of Pustomyty SSUFSCP Interrayon State Laboratory, provided more details on laboratory tests within the Raw Milk Control Program.

The issues of determination of antibiotic residues and inhibitors in raw milk were addressed in the speech of Viktor Muzyka, PhD in Veterinary, Professor, Deputy Director on Scientific Work of the State Research Control Institute of Veterinary Medicinal Products and Feed Additives.

Tetiana Garkavenko, Senior Advisor for the Dairy Sector Component, QFTP, presented two relevant topics:

  • Microbiological criteria and methods of milk and dairy product control. Role and importance of laboratory tests;
  • Procedure of milk sampling and sample transportation according to the SOP on raw milk sampling and SCC and TBC determination.

In addition, Yuriy Ohlashennyy, Senior National Long-term Advisor, QFTP, outlined the peculiarities of the national food legislation in the dairy sector through practical aspects of its implementation.

All the presentations are available on our website in the section “Training materials”, subsection “Raising awareness about the milk safety” (available only in Ukrainian) under No 37-43: https://qftp.org/molochnyj-komponent/#toggle-id-4