December 7, 2021 online training “on-the-job training” on the analysis and presentation of data under the Raw Milk Control Program for specialists of the Civil Service of Ukraine on issues of food safety and consumer protection (hereinafter – the State Food and Consumer Service). This event was supported by Switzerland in the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian program “Development of trade with higher added value in the organic and dairy sectors of Ukraine” (short name: Quality FOOD Trade Program), implemented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland) in partnership from SAFOSO AG (Switzerland).

The purpose of the training was to discuss and agree on the general concept and content of the public report of the State Food and Consumer Service on national data on the results of state control of raw milk. In total, more than 80 participants have registered to participate in the event.

Anatoliy Vovnyuk , Deputy Head of the State Food and Consumer Service for Digital Development, Digital Transformations and Digitization addressed the participants with a welcoming speech:

This is one of the few digitization projects that has not only been built, but also yielded results that we will discuss today. This success was achieved, firstly, thanks to the efforts of the team of the Swiss-Ukrainian program “Development of trade with higher added value in the organic and dairy sectors of Ukraine”, and secondly – it is really necessary. After working for a year in the State Food and Consumer Service, I understand that our producers want to export milk and dairy products to the European Union. Our children want to drink quality and safe milk. The State Food and Consumer Service wants to fine less for low-quality products, and producers want to spend less effort on quality control of raw materials. It is these factors that contributed to the birth of the Dairy Module and its further development, as we plan to further integrate it. In my personal opinion, from the point of view of public reports, a map of Ukraine with indicators of milk quality would be a good competitive argument for the development of the dairy sector.

In his speech, Marco Di Nardi , chief international expert of the Quality FOOD Trade Program, noted that:

Today we want to discuss, gather opinions and agree with you the information that should be included in the national report on the quality and safety of raw milk in Ukraine. We look forward to receiving feedback on the most important data to be included and disclosed in the national report.

Iryna Vysotska, Coordinator of the Dairy Sector Component, in the presentation on the practice of reporting on food safety in European countries focused on the examples of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Marco Di Nardi complemented the presentation with information on approaches to the analysis of data at the regional level on the indicators and criteria of raw milk in Italy. The presentation is available at by link .

The training continued in the format of an online survey of participants in order to prioritize the most relevant data with further discussion.

Based on the results of the training, a report will be prepared with recommendations for the State Food and Consumer Service on the general concept of reporting and content of the public report, as well as proposals to improve the functionality of the Milk Module in statistical analysis. reporting.

Full video of the event in free access by link .