Ukraine and Switzerland have many things in common: deeply rooted traditions, beautiful landscapes and tasty food. In August 2020, the Public UnionCarpathian Taste’ and the Swiss-Ukrainian Program ‘Higher Value Added Trade from the Organic and Dairy Sector in Ukraine’ signed a new partnership agreement with the objective to support the promotion of authentic gourmet products from the Ukrainian Carpathians region under the brand ‘Taste of Ukrainian Carpathians’, a unique initiative with great potential!

The brand ‘Taste of Ukrainian Carpathians’ unites twenty-six local producers from the Ukrainian Carpathians offering over 300 labelled products: fresh and ripened cheeses, dairy products, speciality meat products, wild plants (mushrooms, herbs) and fresh and processed products, honey and bee pollen, oils, cereals, fruit jams, syrups, fish and wine.

“Every manufacturer is special. With its authentic product and personal history. And although we are all different, we are united by the desire to create unique environmentally friendly and high-quality products from the Carpathian region”, says Pavlo Tizesh, head of the Public Union ‘Carpathian Taste’.

The primary purpose of the brand is to strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized producers in the region to stimulate its economic and social development through a brand that creates a positive image of the Ukrainian Carpathians.